Steel Fixing

We are a specialist contractor for all aspects of Steel Fixing. We have extensive experience of many projects including Reinforced Concrete Frames, Bridges, Housing Foundations, Rebar Slabs and Foundations and Cellars

Formwork & Shuttering

DP Reinforcement can fulfill your requirements for all aspects of Formwork such as Walls and Decks & Shuttering. We are experienced in Peripans, Aluminium Tables and SKYDECK systems.

Concrete Pouring & Finishing

We are Power Float Specialists and have undertaken Above and Below Ground Waterproofing and Tanking on projects such as Bridge Decks, Cellars and Basements.

Reinforced Concrete

Concrete is an incredibly versatile building material which is the foundation of modern day construction. Although concrete is strong in compression it is relatively weak when under tension.

To achieve the required tensile strength a reinforcing bar is set within the concrete.

Reinforcing bars, otherwise known as Rebars, Re Bars or just ‘Steel’ are high tensile steel bars used to strengthen and reinforce concrete slabs and structures.

By a happy coincidence, the thermal expansion characteristics of concrete and steel are very similar. This means that expansion due to temperature changes of both concrete and rebar are very similar, so they work in harmony providing strength in compression as well as greatly enhanced tensile strength.

How DP Reinforcement can help

DP Reinforcement are specialists in Steel Fixing with extensive expertise in Fixing Rebars in major Civil Engineering and Construction projects.

We operate nationally as a specialist sub contractor and our experience in this sector means we have a full understanding of our clients requirements and consistently deliver on time and to the highest standard.

DP Reinforcement is proud of our reputation built on our ability to consistently hit targets. We offer the flexibility and resources to undertake Fast Track and Overnight contracts.

Our friendly and trustworthy team are all qualified to a minimum of CSCS NVQ Level 2 and we conduct regular in house alcohol and drug testing as well as respecting equal rights and the mental health of our employees.

In addition to Steel Fixing, DP Reinforcement also offers other related specialist services to main contractors including Formwork, Concrete Pouring and Finishing and Waterproofing.

Next Steps…

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